AD - Painted Picture
ft. Messy Marv, Nipsey Hussle, & Val Young

This was a Proofavenue major move right here. The obvious track record that Messy Marv has built over the years and the promising moves and potential that Nipsey hussle has showed, I felt like it was a perfect collaboration for the fans to appreciate. based on the styles alone, I felt that linking all these power players together on one track would be a sure thing, and it was. I had to holler at DJ Epik for this Beat (that I fell in love with), and I thank him again for the love he showed me.

I was searching in my mind for the perfect voice to compliment the track and I did my homework and reached out to Val Young which I have been a huge fan of for years (part of Rick James' Mary Jane girls and the amazing voice behind the Makavelli classics "To Live and Die in L.A." and "Just Like Daddy"). I had to get that beautiful trademark sound. Val said, as soon as she heard the track she knew this was something special. To me it was all about simply making a solid cut. Period. Everyone is out there trying to put together a "hit" record. I just was trying to put together an "it" record. Regardless of the mainstream success, I knew this would be something "true" AD fans, "true" Messy Marv fans, and "true" Nipsey Hussle fans would appreciate and thank me for.

The theme Painted Picture was almost like a updated sequel of the 2pac classic "Picture Me Rollin", hence the opening lines, "Deep in your mind….", "can you visualize?", and "a lot of these niggas cant see me".

"This is one of my favorite ProofAvenue records to date. Definitely one for the collection." - AD

  • 1. Painted Picture ft. Messy Marv, Nipsey Hussle, & Val Young

Release Date: 2011
Photography & Artwork by UPHEAVAL™